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Safety is a basic human need. When we feel safe, we lead a more relaxed life; we realize our dreams and dare to do something new. Safety isn’t about statistics. It isn’t separate from our business. It’s central to everything we do, and we absolutely do not compromise on it. Even one accident is one too many.


If each and every one of us puts safety at the heart of everything we do, together we can keep our workforce, their families, our valued suppliers, and the public, safe.


So how do we make sure that safety is at the center of everything we do?

We are open and honest.


We all have a duty to report and share information. It’s not just accidents and emergencies that are recorded, but also the close calls. Getting this feedback allows us to learn and get better at what we do. We make ourselves understand what went wrong, why it went wrong, and how we can make improvements.


Safety isn’t just a personal responsibility. Our employees understand they have a critical role in making our workplace safer. We watch out for each other.


We understand that if something doesn’t feel safe, the chances are its not. So, we don’t do it, we stop the job and we speak up.

We don’t believe in having a blame culture within Mid South. We do believe, however, that only by standing up and being counted, and highlighting where safety can be improved, will we continue to have a safer workplace for everyone.


Gregory Hulett



Mid South Fabrication Double Down Safety Program

  • Quarterly Awards with Cash Incentives

  • Extensive New Employee Orientation and On-Going Training

  • Program Encourages Ownership of employee Safety and Safety of Co-Workers


  • 1,504 Days without a lost time accident

  • OSHA Certified SHARP site

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