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The Great Game of Business

At Mid South, we believe that the most productive and profitable way to operate a business is to give everyone in the company a voice in determining how the company operates.  In many ways, the day to day business is only a small aspect of what we do. Our real passion is educating and empowering our employees to lead and win.  Our transparent, honest, education based approach to management has enabled us to retain the most skilled, dedicated work force in the industry.  Average length of employment at Mid South is 6.38 years.


Every willing employee is trained in financial literacy and the basics of business by the CEO himself.  After training, our employees are entered into a bonus pool.  This gives everyone an opportunity to own the success (or failure) of the business.  Arming our employees with the knowledge and tools that help them understand our business and giving them a stake in the outcome has helped us cultivate a highly productive team of professionals that think, act and feel like business owners.  

Open Book Management

One of the biggest challenges for any business is breaking down the barriers between managers and employees.  At Mid South, honesty is everything and Open Book Management is simply in line with our values.  We teach our people how our business works, share the financials and empower them to make decisions that propel us forward.  


Fabrication and Coating

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